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Special Topics

(FEB) What's in a name?
(MAR) What is a computer role-playing game?Good enough
(APR) Ranking and rating computer role-playing gamesRoger Ebert, games, and art
(JUN) Two books on computer role-playing games historiesGame economies
(JUL) Linearity in computer role-playing gamesWhat were they thinking?
(AUG) What have you learned?Character classes
(SEP) Walkthroughs, hints, and spoiler books
(OCT) Guess the game
(DEC) Computer role-playing games tropes

(JAN) On roleplaying and roguelikes
(FEB) First birthday
(MAR) The most annoying Computer-Role-Playing-Game enemies
(MAY) Computer role-playing games, blogging, and time managementAdventisements on the Computer Role-Playing Games Addict. And pizza.
(DEC) Building a acomputer-role-playing-games glossary
(JAN) The Computer Role-Playing Games CompulsiveIn Recovery
(FEB) The Inscrutable Exhortations of My Soul
(MAR) I Dream of Muffulettas at Noon... - RTFM 
(JUN) LOLCRPGSThe End of My Blog
(JUL) New Master Game List ("What is a Computer Role-Playing Game?" Revisited)The Perfect Computer Role-Playing Game: Difficulty
(OCT) First!
(NOV) The Perfect Computer Role-Playing Game: Encounters

(JAN) Improving the Computer Role-Playing Game Addict Gold Box: Spells and their UsesMy Readers Spoil Me
(FEB) Past, Present, and Future
(MAR) Shroud of the Avatar
(MAY) Play it Again, Chet
(JUN) Strategy Games and Computer Role-Playing GamesCheats and Liars
(NOV) A New Plan

(APR) An Addictive Personality Manifests in Many Ways
(NOV) Lords of Xulima: Made for Me 
(DEC) Charity Backfires (with Thoughts on Some Recent Games)

(JUN) The Eight-Bit Bard: a Novel with Computer Role-Playing Game Addicts in Mind
(JUL) $8.00 for 100 Bottle Caps?
(DEC) The Bleak World of Fallout

(APR) Put an End to My Arrogance
(JULY) The Best RPG of 2017: Downfall
(SEP) Guest Post: Why the Economy Sucks in the Strategic Simulations' Gold Box Games (Part 1)(Part 2)
(OCT) Gold Box: Spells and their Uses (Part II)


(JAN) On a Tangential Topic
(FEB) Computer Role-Playing Games Book Released - Mindtrap: A Game that Could Have Been
(MAR) A Computer Role-Playing Games Glossary
(AUG) Plot Continuity Across Sequels - Video Summary of the Early Era
(NOV) It Should Have Been an Role-Playing Game

(JAN) The List Never Ends (a New New Plan)
(FEB) The Root of All EvilMissing and MysteriesBreadth, Depth, and Immersion (ft. The Seventh Link)
(JUN) A slight change in Standard Operating Procedure and a request for advice
(OCT) 10 Reasons I'm Still Blogging about Computer Role-Playing Games after 10 Years
(DEC) My 10 Most Controversial Opinions

(JAN) 10 Years of CommentersParagon of Suffering: an Interview with F.J. Lennon
(FEB) What I Learned from "The West Wing Weekly"

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