Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey, Everybody

Sorry for the lack of postings lately. Some of the people I work for are actually insisting that I "finish" some of the things that they "pay me for." I've started Sentinel Worlds but I've had trouble getting into it, and I don't really have a lot of time to devote over the next few days. I'm afraid my next posting won't be until Thursday or Friday.

Sascha, thanks for the Tandy sound link. I'll play the game as-is for a few hours, just so I'll be able to notice the difference, and then install your fix.

More at the end of the week.

More, at the end of the week: I'm sorry, everyone, but I'm going to have to extend my break a little longer, probably until Tuesday (July 5). You didn't read all of my past postings all that carefully anyway, right? Go through the archives--there are some real gems in there.

I'm a bit baffled by the 26 of you who voted this posting "good."


  1. Hey, no prob. :) Just keep in mind that you have to start a new game after you install the Tandy fix. At least to my experience when I tried to continue an older game with the patch applied I got graphic glitches in the game.

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  3. What does the Tandy fix do? I haven't tried the game yet, but can't you just force DOSBox to use the Tandy speaker output by switching "tandy=auto" to "tandy=on" in dosbox.conf? [Or switching the machine type in dosbox.conf to "tandy"?] It also makes the early King's Quest games sound a lot better if you switch the machine type to "pcjr" (the PCjr used the same sound board as the Tandy)

  4. Well nevermind, found your blog post in the other comments.

  5. No worries: I figure you will keep going a lot longer if you don't get burned out, and I am really hoping for you to get to the early 90s.

  6. As others said, hey, take your time. No worries, mate, and all that. I hope you stay with the game, though, because it really is some epic story once you get to uncover some of the plotlines.

  7. Sentinel Worlds is a great game. But I can remember it's painfully hard to survive fighting in space at the start of the game. Take your time with it.

  8. Those work bastards, don't they know you have an obligation to the internet! Besides now what am I supposed to do at the office, get my own work done?

  9. I don't remember most of this game. I do remember it started a little slow for me. I did not finish this game, but I think I played it to the last area. And for some reason I didn't play to the end. I played on the c64.

    Anyway looking forward to the rest of the posts on this game.

    Also, looks like you are getting some extra exposure from rpgwatch.com. Looks like a start of a series of posts by fellow reader Skavenhorde.


  10. Also I now have an odd vision of the CRPG Addict hoping trains, leeching wifi and splicing into powerlines to keep playing after the economy (by which I mean 'Robot Overlords') forces him to leave his job and his family and seek his fortune on the railways with the nomad-geeks.

    Yes I have a very active imagination. Now if you'll excuse me the rest of the people in my lab will be showing up soon and will probably expect me to be working on what radioisotopes are in the Japanese seaweeed.

  11. Wow, to use the word radioisotopes and misspell seaweed in one sentence.

    On topic though, your statement brings to mind a scene in the childrens book Maximum Ride, or possibly the second book. The part in the tunnel. How's that for obscure references then?

  12. I can't wait until you hit The Magic Candle. I've lost track of the amount of times I've started playing the game over the years, but never finished it.

  13. Agreed with Magic Candle, which transfixed me with its colorful ads when I was young, and yet remains a game permanently in the "wish I could finish this" category...

  14. Canageek, I was recently sitting in a Wendy's parking lot, waiting for a friend to use the restroom, and I connected to their wi-fi and read a few comments. I figure if worse comes to worse, I can make it with fast food places and hotel lobbies.

    SER, thanks for the link. Skavenhorde has been a long-time commeter, and I appreciate the publicity he's giving. I just wish I didn't always get my biggest spikes from Reddit, rpgwatch, and rpgcodex right when I'm in the middle of a break!

    Maddox, you're not, like, THE Maddox, are you? 'Cause I'd expect you to be a lot less polite in your comments.

  15. Oh! I so got this!! the couple on the bottom right, Gotta be "Buck Rogers" and "Wilma Deering" (crosses fingers for the coveted "Name a character after me" award).

    long time fan/lurker luv ya crpg addict.


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