Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tera: Lost in Translation

"This adventure ends sour this failure. Too bad. This adventurer was nice. In their benevolence badge, the ancient gods were bearing the body of Marcel in a sanctuary..." Christ, I feel like David Sedaris.

I got to the point last night where I started writing my first blog entry for Wizardry IV, but then I sat back and thought, "CRPG Addict, people read your blog specifically to hear about games they might otherwise not play. And, honestly, how many of your readers are likely ever to play Tera?"

So I went back to Tera, and wandered around some more. I came across the city of Kronopolis, which looks huge in the screenshot but actually has only three shops, apparently. Fortunately, the first two items need no translation. Unfortunately, I got an error every time I tried to buy something.

Only 50 ducats for a "container of energy"?!

Ultimately, I wandered into the wrong place and ran into some sorcerers. The list of commands led me to believe that "C" was the way to engage in combatte, but everything I tried led to the game asking me things like "êtes-vous un idiot?!" and "essayer autre chose" before I quickly died.

Look, I'm man enough for a challenge, like playing a game without any instructions, or playing a game in a foreign language. Just not together at the same time. And here's the other thing: I'm not entirely sure that Tera isn't really stupid. I mean, like Ultima II stupid.

Point de l'exposition

So I'm going to move on to Wizardry IV for now, but I'll think about giving Tera another try if someone comes up with a manual (one that doesn't require telechargement, thanks, Murlock) or if any reader who has played it can give me some advice.

I know this is a short, lame posting, so I promise one for Wizardry IV in a couple hours.


  1. "CRPG Addict, people read your blog specifically to hear about games they might otherwise not play. And, honestly, how many of your readers are likely ever to play Tera?"

    You are certainly right - as I haven't even heard of this title.
    As I've said before: You are enriching the net with your addiction and work. Thanks!

  2. You gave it a good shot, and it was entertaining, but I don't think struggling through it is worth your time.

    Basically, I think you're making a good decision.

  3. I'd make the same choice... You might be blogging so we can read about titles we might not have tried (at least not in the last 15 years), but all the fun for us goes out the window if you're frustrated/unhappy while playing.

    Maybe you should add a #7 to the "Rules" sidebar stating that any/all previous rules may be suspended in the event of a non-English title?

  4. Just for the record: "telecharger" simply means download. :) No money involved.

  5. Thanks, 'Nym. I probably should have bothered to send it through Google translate before making assumptions.

  6. "êtes-vous un idiot?!"

    Very polite of them, using the vous form.

  7. Man you're totally a hero.
    I played this game somewhat 25years ago (btw I'm french) and I didn't quite understand what I had to do. But being 5, wandering and killing things was good enough.
    Now I found that game again and tried it...

    I still don't understand what I have to do.
    And I've never understood what half the commands are doing (I've never been able to sleep (dormir), eat (manger) or drink (boire) for exemple).
    There's a command to invoke, but you have to write what you want to invoke...but I don't have any f... idea...

    now I came here because I'm wandering the web to find some clues...but I'm afraid this game will remain a mystery my whole life :P

    1. I wish I'd given it more of a chance. I got frustrated too easily and probably missed out on a chance to be a real authority on an obscure game.

  8. I bet there are tons, or let's say dozens, of these oddities out there, from France, Germany, Canada... You'd need a whole team of researchers to find them and then they probably aren't even worth it. If they were, we'd know them...

    1. I don't know. There are some pretty obscure Asian games on online lists of RPGs. I feel pretty confident that if Canada had produced even one RPG in the 1980s, let alone "dozens," we'd know about it.

    2. Yeah, most of the games out of Canada were sold in the US, since we speak the same language and whatnot. Bioware is Canadian as I recall.

    3. Ok, in my early years I played on a C64 and Germany produced many, many games. Though some were probably shareware, or published on cheap compilation disks, as an addition to computer magazines etc... If that had translated to the PC I would expect quite a couple of oddities (like Sword of Glass) On the other hand, if I recall correctly, the PC was more US-centric. And back then, the PC had a reputation as something to do work with, not playing. So maybe I am overestimating the amount of games.

  9. A little bit late, but i'm so happy. I've find another person who played this game \o/

    About the store, in my memory, first you select the companion (A->D, you can't have more than 4 companion) and then select the weapon

    Drink can be used when one companion is poisoned (k-contrepoison) or with elixir to get some stamina

    About Invoke, you need to find some information in some dungeon (yeah, i was very young and my memory is not perfect) and then go in a pyramid, invoke the name found in dungeon and kill the monster.

    1. Make sure you keep checking back. I'm going to give this game another try in 2 or 3 months, and I'm sure I'll be able to use the help of anyone who's played it.


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