Monday, May 2, 2011

The CRPG Addict Isn't Dead


I can't tell you what's been going on without revealing more of my personal and professional life than I want to reveal on this blog. Suffice to say that none of your amusing suppositions--that my wife has forbidden me from blogging, that I have gotten a divorce, that I am dead, that I am either bin Laden or on the SEAL team that killed bin Laden--is quite true.

The bottom line is that the first line of my first posting turned out to be prophetic, but things are getting better. In fact, I had something of a revelation a few weeks ago when I realized that I enjoy CRPG blogging more than most things I do professionally. I've spent some time recently jettisoning some of my roles to make sure I have more time for my hobbies (my CRPG playing isn't the only thing to have taken a hit lately) and that I can keep a more regular posting schedule.

I've finally emerged from the weeds this week...just in time for JazzFest in New Orleans. But when that's over, I promise I'll be back on track at a pace that will boggle your minds.

Thanks for your patience, and I'll be back as soon as I can.



  1. My CRPG Addict = Obama theory is still viable!

  2. Eh. I can't wait for your posts!
    It is hard to just refer to you as the "Addict" though.

  3. I can't blame you, JazzFest + New Orleans has got to come first!

  4. I dunno, my minds pretty hard to boggle, and I'm not sure I like a man who can break promises.

    Glad to see you're still bobbing around somewhere though!

  5. Missed you! Take care of yourself, and when you can, blog moar!

  6. The notion that the Addicted one is bin Laden is simply implausible; it has been widely reported that the compound bin Laden was holed up in had no phone or internet connection...

  7. Heh - I just got back from New Orleans myself. I'd never been, and my wife and I went with another couple on vacation. Missed most of the jazz fest though - we scheduled the vacation without knowing about it.

  8. OK, he's not bin Laden, but there's still no denial that he's a member of the British royal family. They've been kind of busy lately, too, I hear. :)

    But either way, we fans will continue waiting patiently, I'm sure. Real-life does sometimes intrude. We all know that.

  9. Could he be a Canadian politician? We had an election yesterday, so all of a sudden a lot of people have more time on there hands...
    I think the CRPG addict is secretly Jack Layton, leader of the official opposition. (The prime minister wouldn't be nearly so nice, and probably doesn't know how to use a computer).

  10. That would make us Laytonites, a la Starflight!

  11. Layton's the man. Now he only needs to find some kind of old magic sword +4 so he can smite the foozle - er, Harper - and accomplish the prophecy.

  12. Why not write about CRPGs professionally then? I want a book!

  13. Having priorities and working to set them right is good (I've had to do that too lately), and it's great to hear you enjoy blogging and you'll be making more space for it your life, I certainly enjoy reading it a lot!


  14. It's been so long since a good post that I'm starting to get the shakes.
    MMII is my favourite all time game.

  15. Hooray! Looking forward to more MMII posts, and we are tantalizingly close to Pool of Radiance!

  16. Well, I am certainly pleased that my doomsday scenario turned out to be a null factor- I would have missed ya! Good to see that you're missing because of work, and not banned from playing/blogging ever again.

  17. Nobody else noticed the name Chet editted into the bottom of the post?

    Do we have a name for you now addict?

  18. Enjoy Jazzfest!

    While we're waiting - if anyone else has played M&M2 recently, maybe you can help me since I think I'm stuck. I'm trying to do the character quests from the statues in Atlantium but can't seem to finish the first one. I've been to Mt. Farview and read the plaque, then taken a party of knights to defeat the jouster, but then I go back to the plaque and nothing happens. The plaque says go alone, so I thought maybe you could only do one player-character knight at a time. So, I removed the non-hirelings and did it again - no result. I then managed to beat him with just one knight and one robber but still got nothing.

    Is there a particular time I'm meant to go to the mountain, or are the actual jurors somewhere else? If there's a clue in the game to tell me this maybe someone can just give me an idea where I need to look or what I need to do first to find the information. If it sounds like I'm doing the right thing, maybe there's a bug - I've noticed a few oddities while playing. I haven't managed to get the Epicurean to talk to me or the black triple crown reward in Pinehurst though I'm fairly sure I've done what I need to for those quests too.

    A jester offered to sell one character their maximum potential hit points for a million dollars, and when I said yes there was no response. However, I had been given the hit points without losing the money. That probably counts as cheating. Didn't stop me from doing it for all my characters, though (I couldn't/wouldn't have done so if it cost a million each time).

  19. Bunyip, I haven't gotten quite that far yet, but if I get stuck int he same place, I'll let you know.

    Bleaghhh, I've been signing e-mails to people who write me with my nickname, "Chet," for a while. I didn't realize I never put it in the blog itself before!

    Thanks to everyone for your patience. As you've undoubtedly seen, I'm catching up this week.

  20. Figured out the problem with the knight's quest - turns out I'm a huge idiot. I was fighting the jouster on the other side of the wood, rather than the actual Dread Knight.

    Still not sure what I'm doing wrong with the triple crown thing. The message in Pinehurst only mentions the black battles, but to be extra sure I fought all 4 ticket battles in all 3 arenas and confirmed it by freeing the bishops to check I got the full experience reward for each. I still don't get anything in Pinehurst or Luxe Palace. I'll try again once everyone has their plus.

    I was about to give this game away - the castle dungeons were a real slog and not very rewarding. I'm having fun again with the character quests so I'm hoping the Triple Crown won't be an insurmountable problem.

  21. Bunyip, I'm not sure if this is your problem, but if ANY one of your characters lacks the +, then Queen Lamanda won't speak to you. I never got it for my ninja--I just dismissed him before I went to see her.

    Being able to use the time machine isn't dependent upon the arena battles. You have to solve a quest for Lord Peabody.


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