Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Update

I've spent the last three weeks on the road, and every night I swore I was going to play and post something, and every night I found an excuse not to do it. But I'm back home, and while I still have plenty of work to do, I think you should see January levels of activity once I kick it back into gear.

I dithered with The Bard's Tale III and BattleTech a little during my absence, but not enough to get a full posting. Frankly, I forgot what I was even doing in The Bard's Tale III and probably because of that couldn't make much headway in the next quest. BattleTech didn't excite me at the outset, although I still want to write about it.

To get me back in the game, I need a bit of a palate-cleanser, so I'm going to try this Demon's Winter for a little bit and, once I'm back on the wave, probably alternate between it and The Bard's Tale III. More soon.


  1. Battletech was a favourite of mine (Don't worry. I won't abandon you if you don't like it). A few tips to make things easier and more playable. When you are controlling the mechs during the training, it is worthwhile intentionally failing the training missions a few times. This gives you a chance to up your skill levels before you get wasted by the enemy. It makes the initial stages a little easier. Don't worry. It scales quickly to account for a fully trained mech pilot. (You have to fail about 3 or 4 times before you're fully trained. So it's not a major grind)

  2. If I remember correctly there was flaw in Battle Tech, you could play whole game through without actually battling, except training in start and probably the final match. Just run away or flee when battle starts.

  3. If you wanted to simply convert the blog and re-title it "The CRPG Addict plays Might & Magic II: Gates to Another World" I, for one, would not complain.

  4. Aelfric, I'm trying not to anticipate MM2 too much, in case it disappoints me, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to just jump right there. MM1 has my highest rating so far, and I can only imagine that MM2 is better.

    AD, thanks for the tip. I was just getting into training when I temporarily stopped BT for DW.


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