Sunday, July 31, 2011

The CRPG Addict Will Return...

...on or about Saturday, August 6. I appreciate your patience during what has been an extremely difficult past month.


  1. No prob! While preparing to search for you we... well at least UbAh made the suggestion. I don't think any of the rest of us were up for the grind. But, hey, you're back, sorta. No hard feelings, right?

    - Giauz

  2. Whoohoo! Kalokalay, oh FRAJOUS day!

    I was beginning to wonder if the next post we saw would be some police force asking about the identity of a man found dead with with a CRPG and a half-written post for this blog open on his laptop.

  3. I've been following this blog for a while, and I feel that CRPG Addict has left me with no illusions about how challenging it can sometimes get for him to find time to keep this blog updated. While I always look forward to updates with great interest, I fully understand when they are delayed out of necessity.

    Thanks for sharing your CRPG whirlwind tour hobby with us, CRPG Addict! We'll still be here when you can find time for us.

  4. Come on everybody.
    Let's show some sympathy and give the addict a nice and warm....
    ... GROUPHHUG!!!

    Nice to hear you're still alive.

  5. Can't be soon enough. I've been getting the shakes...

  6. Great news! This blog has inspired me to register for my own, I'm thinking of blogging my adventure with learning 8086 assembly programming...on an actual 8086, which is what I've been playing Wizardry on. Star Command should work too though. Having a MDA/HGC card really limits you with games. CGA emulation helps, but The Magic Candle is barely playable as such.

  7. Almost any 8086-supporting game should support CGA, and thus be playable with emulation. Some are less playable than others, though, as you mentioned.

  8. Yay, you're still alive! I'm sorry to hear it was a bad month for you though :(

  9. 4 weeks won't shake our faith...

    As a side note, I hope your difficulties are only work-related, and of the 200-hundred-pages-to-write-for-yesterday type.

  10. I was about to call all the hospitals.

  11. Glad your alive, and I hope your distractions have been of the good (wine, women, song) variety, rather than the less desirable (family interventions, large burly men, bureaucratic poetry).

    Just so your conscience doesn't get off lightly, you should know that your absence has had me so bored at the office that I actually started getting things done. Now people know I am capable of fixing things and they expect me to do so on a regular basis. I hope your ashamed of yourself.

  12. You should seriously write a book on the history of CRPG games after you finish your blog. I hope that if such a book does come out, that there are a lot of pictures (shouldn't be too hard... the screenshots in this blog can fulfill these).

    I recently re-visited my CRPG game I started back in 1992-93, "Realms of Quest II" for the Commodore VIC-20.

    I finally finished it! It's only been 19 years in the making... heh. (disclaimer: I did make a 'stripped-down' version in 2004, but I excluded the portrait graphics I had made in 1993. So this version combines both elements, and is a more 'complete' game)

    You emulator fans should easily be able to download it here:

    and play it on the Commodore VICE emulator.


  13. It's saturday now...

    No pressure, of course. :)

    Anyway, thanks for creating this blog. It only just came to my attention yesterday, but I've already managed to spend several hours browsing through old posts. I'm glad I got on board when I did, as I see a lot of good games coming up in the near(ish) future.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. "It's saturday now..."

    I have been checking the blog every half hour. I suppose I could set up some sort of email alert, but I almost feel like a kid at Christmas.

    Damn this blog for being so entertaining!

  15. There's an RSS feed thingie.

    But I guess "...on or about Saturday, August 6" could as well be tomorrow or monday. Hopefully, it isn't. :)

  16. I really picked the right time to become a CRPG Addict Addict. Just finished reading all your old posts two days before your trip into the Dark Forest from which you've never been seen again.

    Now, my wife want to thank you for rekindling my Oblivion addiction, clocked in 60 hours so far in the last two weeks. :p

  17. So, there was talk of a party going on a giant quest? I've got a chemistry background, with a bit of physics, so I should be able to serve as party Alchemist. I'm in Ontario, so the party leader should quest in that direction when he wants to pick up a support character. ^^.

    Warning though- While I have good INTelligence and STAmina, I have very low STRength and HP, so you want to make sure you have a tank and a beatstick before asking me to join the party.


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