Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Quick Update

I offer the same excuse so often I should just copy-and-paste it, but here it is again: I had to go away on another business trip, I thought I'd have time to play and post in the evenings, but it's turned out that I'm busier than I thought. I apologize for this, especially since Google Analytics tells me I got a huge influx of new readers a few days ago.

The good news: when I return home on December 19, I will be facing three weeks of vacation--going nowhere, doing nothing in particular except pounding out the CRPGs. I am quite committed to reach Game 50 by the time my blog turns one year old in February.

I might still squeak in a post before I return, but don't count on it. Expect copious posts for the holidays instead.

Thanks for your continued readership.


  1. Hey

    I've been reading for a few months now. Not like waiting for a couple weeks is a big deal. You're doing an awesome job. Keep it up, this is definitely one of the cooler blogs (... for a given definition of cool) on the web.

  2. I can't wait, if you are addict you have to suppose that we are addicted as well. ;)

    Anyway this blog is a very good source of informations, really.

    I'm following you since October and you are perfectly fitting with my attempts to study the CRPG history and mechanics.

  3. Don't stress yourself now xD
    I don't have the dedication to figure out these old games,
    but you are definitely getting me interested there!
    (Still,don't forget to spend a day off during your long vacation for your wife : D )

  4. Have a great vacation! (As Troy from Community says: "Two straight weeks of video games...that's what Christmas is for!") I stumbled onto your blog while doing a Let's Play of the Bard's Tale 3, and I've had a great time reading through all the posts.

  5. Take your time! You have been doing such an awesome job over the past year, you have NOTHING to apologise for. Just continue doing the awesome job you have been and we'll be with you.

  6. I started a video play through of TES1:Arena on youtube, should anyone care, btw. Only did through the first piece of the Staff of Chaos. Search for 47 year old guy etc etc and you'll see it. If you care :)

  7. Thanks for your patience, everyone. Looks like I picked up like 5 followers during my absence. I should go on vacation more often.


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