Friday, December 23, 2022

No More Anonymous Comments

I'm putting together an entry on BloodNet as we speak. In the meantime, I am hardening my policy about anonymous comments. I will no longer be approving any of them. Those that get past moderation (because I don't moderate for entries less than 15 days old) are subject to immediate deletion.
If you're having problems with your Google login, I have found that adding and as exceptions to enhanced tracking protection works. That's in Firefox. I haven't had time to try all browsers. But I don't require you to use a Google account. You can do one of the following very easy things to avoid your comment being rejected:

1. Choose the "Name/URL" option and enter a chosen name, leaving the URL field blank.

2. Just type your chosen name in the comment itself. Yes, your name will still show up as "anonymous," but at least we'll be able to refer to you in replies.
Chose a unique name and do not pretend to be another commenter. Forgiveness for clear mistakes, of course.