Thursday, August 31, 2023

It's Going to Be a Little While

Hi, everyone. My apologies for my absence for the last couple of weeks. Some unexpected travel ran right into a conference which has run right into the start of the new semester--and I'm both taking and teaching classes this semester. I am so buried right now that it's hard to see how I'll ever get out. Unfortunately, that means there won't be any game playing for a while. I know this comes at an awkward time, too, when the ends of both Serpent Isle and Ambermoon were right on the horizon.

I have a feeling that this break is going to be a long one, alas. I may not be on solid footing again until October. Accordingly, I have paused Patreon billing for the month of September.

I will continue to monitor comments and do my best to approve them quickly. 

See you as soon as I can,